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Turtle Cheesecake (on a stick)
There are some people who still care about the best in flavor when it comes to entertaining, and the Pie Guy says, “Only the best will do.” The Pie Guy starts with a graham cracker butter crust and melts Ghirardelli chocolate for the next layer. The third layer is packed with a second graham cracker butter crust giving the cake an awesome base. Made from five different cheese blends, this is no ordinary turtle cheesecake. Fresh cottage cheese whipped to perfection puts this cake a step ahead of the competition. Ricotta, Philadelphia cream cheese, sour cream and whipping cream follow putting this cheesecake in a class by itself. The Pie Guy has gathered three different executive chef recipes to create a mind-blowing taste that will make you ask for seconds. There are no fillers, preservatives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients in these cakes. This turtle cheesecake is made the old fashion way. Only the best will do. And no bakery will come close!

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